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Affectionately known as The Walking Encyclopedia of Human Wellness, Fitness Coach, Strength Competitor, and Powerlifting Pioneer, Tina “The Medicine Chef” Martini is an internationally recognized Naturopathic Chef and star of the cooking and lifestyle show, Tina’s Ageless Kitchen. Her cooking show has reached millions of Food and Fitness Lovers all over the globe. A San Diego native, Tina is the Chef / Owner of The Ageless Kitchen restaurant.


Over the past thirty years Tina has assisted celebrities, athletes, and over-scheduled executives naturally achieve radiant health using The Pyramid of Power: balancing Healthy Nutrition and the healing power of food, with Active Fitness and Body Alignment techniques.


Working with those who have late-stage cancer, advanced diabetes, cardiovascular and other illnesses, Tina’s clients (509 successful cases, to date) are astounded at the ease and speed with which they are able to restore their radiant health.


Tina believes that maintaining balance in our diet, physical activity, and in our work and spiritual life is the key to our good health, happiness and our overall well-being.


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My New Book!

Delicious Medicine:
The Healing Power of Food


                 5 Stars

"With stunning photography and a conversational voice, Delicious Medicine, The Healing Power of Food is much more than a series of recipes. Chef Tina Martini blends science and research with warmth and practical advice. The recipes illustrate that enjoying real, minimally processed whole foods is within reach and has the power to heal us with every delicious bite."

Leigh Crews, TRX Sr. Master Trainer

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A Treat for the Eyes

as well as the Taste Buds.

More than a cookbook, combining 20+ years of experience, along with her love of coaching, cooking and teaching, Tina “The Medicine Chef” Martini’s new book, “Delicious Medicine: The Healing Power of Food”, shares insights into the history and healing power of food, how to reduce your risk of disease, improve your overall wellness and enjoy life!  With 24 Delicious Phyto Recipes for Radiant Health, the nutrient-packed ingredients star, with elegant photography and luscious recipe layouts.  Treat yourself to a Look Inside via book sales.

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Tina can throw down in the Kitchen! Everything I've ordered has always been delicious. My favorite for breakfast is Veggie Scramble or the Kerisa Sandwhich.


Jeff D, San Diego


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